EHSAR Stand For

Education, Health, Social Awareness and Rehabilitation


A world free of Poverty, Illiteracy, and Disease, where everyone enjoys fundamental rights to lead a heal than independent life of dignity and honour without discrimination on the basis of religion, creed, race, ethnicity, language, gender or nationality.


0ffering Education, Health, and Rehabilitation facilities and creating Social Awareness in society with a view to cultivate an educated and more level headed generation.

What WE Do

EHSAR Foundation has a prominent status in Non-profit organisation (NPOs), proud that we have provide vigorous contribution during Natural and Manmade disasters to needy and vulnerable communities all over Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and federally administered tribal areas (FATA). EHSAR contributed to different sectors which includes Community Health (Primary health care, Mother & Child Health Initiatives, Health and Hygiene Education & Awareness, Reproductive health, immunization, free provision of standard medicine, primary diagnostic services, referral mechanism) through qualified medical and paramedical human resources, also providing specialized services by establishing various specialized treatment centres( Diarrhoea treatment centre,(DTCs), Acute respiratory treatment centres (ARIs), General Protection and Grievance desks establishment, legal aid and assistance in civil documentation to communities , women empowerment, rehabilitation of the widows through vocational skill trainings and providing patronage to the orphans, Access to justice (provide free legal aid to the oppressed men women and children,) Community Physical Initiatives (CPIs) & Rehabilitation (Rehabilitation of health facilities, solarisation) water and sanitation (Clean Drinking Water), Shelter and non-food items (NFIs), Human and Institutional Development (HID) of public sector programs and policies (governmental and non-governmental). EHSAR likewise Active cluster member of all UN – Govt. lead cluster operates in Pakistan i.e. Protection, WASH, Shelter, Health, Education, Food, CCCM, nutrition, agriculture and CoRE cluster as well.