Joint Staff Training of UNOCHA/PHPF Health Partner Organizations for South Waziristan Agency FATA

Joint training session was organized by EHSAR foundation with the mutual understand of SHED & WEO, while financially supported by all the three partner organization. To support the Government of Pakistan in responding to the needs of Returnees of South Waziristan Agency FATA, the UNOCHA Pakistan Humanitarian Pooled Fund (PHPF) is providing funds for several projects to national civil society organizations. To fill the gaps in community health needs in the return area of SWA, three Primary Health Care projects were launched by three National humanitarian organizations namely EHSAR, SHED and WEO under PHPF 2nd Standard 2015. In the last week of July 2016, all the three projects were visited by Monitoring team of OCHA (Mr. Imran Sharif Programme Associate and Mr. Raza Ullah Jan HAO) for mid project field monitoring. The monitoring team recommended a joint staff training for all three project staff. Aim of the recommended joint training was to bring all the OCHA IPS staff on one page in following the WHO standard protocols in the delivery of services and to share the experiences for the replication of good practices to improve the gaps, and to know the importance of Integrated Diseases Surveillance and Reporting System (IDSRS) and alerts and outbreak situations of communicable diseases. To implement the OCHA team recommendations the joint training session was conducted on August 27, 2016. EX staff of WHO was hired for the selection and delivery of session topics keeping in view the current community health needs in SWA. • The training session was an effective platform for IP staff and they were look like a team for the achieving of common goals and objectives. And they are now ready to support each other in case of any outbreak in overall SWA. • Interaction and Participation level of the staff was very active and they were sharing their experiences with each other during the session. • Issues in IDSRS were identified and redressed accordingly • Participants were oriented about the scope of PHC services, WHO standard protocols and Health cluster’s objectives. • Implementation of the training session is expecting in the field, refreshers are also suggesting in future.