Global Hand Washing Day Celebration

EHSAR foundation under the banner of UNOCHA/PHPF funded COVID-19 response emergency project, celebrated global hand washing day with full enthusiasm in three schools of district Peshawar and swat. In total 296 individuals participated in the scheduled events including 79 girls, 191 boys and 26 teachers. Considering the Importance of Global Hand Washing Day generally and specifically in current scenario of COVID-19 pandemic, School going children`s being the change agents, were involved in the scheduled activity including boys and girls along with school teachers including men and women. Global Hand Washing day was celebrated in two (02) schools in district Peshawar and one (01) school in district swat. Participants were provided ribbons, cards and caps with clearly mentioned messages of hygiene. For creating the event more informative and erudition, Speech, Role play, practical demonstration of hand washing, hygiene session, questioning and answering, hygiene competition, mili naghma, naat, Poems and class wise hygiene competition were included along with rewards for the winners and participants. Role play, practical demonstration and speech focused on hygiene and specifically its importance in control of COVID-19 spread. Health and hygiene promoters conducted a health and hygiene session during the event. Session was interactive by involving the participants. They explained in detail the importance of healthy hygienic practices and its impact on personal health. Focusing on the occasion they also explained hand washing steps according to WHO guidelines. Furthermore, critical timings for hand washing were also a part of health and hygiene session. Advantages of hygiene and specifically importance of hand washing in the current pandemic was also highlighted during the session. Health and hygiene promoters practically demonstrated steps involved in hand washing according to the WHO guidelines. Students further practiced all the hand washing steps. The 8th step “Rinse and Wipe dry” of hand washing was explained in a bit detail considering the current situation of COVID-19 pandemic. Compliance was advised on this step to avoid chances of microbes back on hands.