Legal Assistance provided to 1159 IDPs families. Protection activities including protection monitoring, legal assistance to IDPs in protection concerns like in civil documentation, legal documentation etc. establishment of referral pathways, follow up of the cases, and to ensure close coordination with services providers, for the IDPs residing at Togh Sarrai IDP camp in District Hangu of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. The proposed project aims to identify the protections concerns of the IDPs residing at the targeted area, and to address these identified needs on priority basis, through dedicated interventions and the presence of staff with specific expertise. The response will be along two interlinked lines of intervention: Presence of staff at the project location, who are well trained in providing legal advices, referral and relevant information knowledge, on civil documentation and legal assistance in all of the proposed area of intervention, including addressing through established Grievance Desk in the targeted camp; through outreach, established legal clinic by the dedicated staff of the proposed project. As the proposed project is an extension of the ongoing activities, so for the proposed intervention, a team of highly experienced in the relevant sector was hired for initial two months project, whose contracts will be extended up to the end of project. As the project staffs are already trained on project activities like protection monitoring and legal counselling and assistance, so they will continue the services in the targeted location and there will be no break in terms of protection activities, while the targeted beneficiaries will be assisted according to the plan. According to the plan, the project team will be in the field on regular basis to provide their services like protection monitoring, legal assistance and grievances in civil documentation, registration and relief assistance to support the IDPs residing at Togh Sarrai IDP camp in District Hangu. In particular project team will focused vulnerable group of the targeted beneficiaries who requires special attention and assistance to avail their right and ensured their access to the services and assistance. Presence of staff who is trained in protection monitoring and who will conduct monitoring of the IDPs to identify beneficiaries with specialized needs and referrals through outreach activities as described above and through regular assessment of the situation in the camp. All the entire staff of the project, particularly the legal counsellor / Legal Officer, in legal clinic is already trained in legal aspect of protection and will receive additional training/refreshers in protection monitoring at different project interval.