Shelter/NFI Projects

Provision of shelters to vulnerable returned families of Aka Khel tribe through distribution of Shelter repair kit and Cash for work activities in Bara Tehsil, Khyber Agency FATA

 250 Bara returned families (1551 Individuals) are provided with shelter material (Roofing Kit)  25 most vulnerable families (female Headed) have been supported with additional Cash grant  Ensured the construction of shelters through community ......

USD 248,320.25

Bara Khyber Agency FATA Pakistan
Provision of basic NFIs for most vulnerable IDPs through Distribution

736 families identified and distributed 736 NFI kits among them Target Beneficiary: Total Families: 736 (3,720 Individuals), Men =812, Women = 787, Boys = 1,216, Girls = 904......

USD 223,178.90

New Durrani IDPs Camp, Sadda Kurram Agency FATA Pakistan
Provision of Basic NFIs for Tirah IDPs at new Durrani Camp, Sadda

Number of Beneficiaries: 400 400 HHs identified and distributed Proposed NFI kits. Desired Outcome: Provision of non-food items (NFIs) to fresh IDPs of Tirrah valley at New Durrani camp Sadda – Kurram agency. Result Achieved: Standardized NFIs by ......

USD 100,989.00

New Durrani IDP Camp, Sadda, Kurram Agency, FATA Pakistan
Provision of Shelter through distribution of shelter repair kit with latrine unit, for extremely vulnerable returnees

Number of Beneficiaries: 480  80 families provided with shelter repair kit and building material package for shelter and latrine construction  80 shelters and 80 latrines constructed for vulnerable families Desired Outcome: Provision of Shelter tool......

USD 120,311.87

Central Kurram, Kurram Agency FATA Pakistan